Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Garden plans for 2011 & what's growing now

I've just got back from a week's skiing up in the Swedish mountains with a stinking cold, so I'm using the bed-bound time to trawl through seed catalogues. Such a hardship :)

I'm actually going to try and grow some flowers from seed this year. Now that I've been at it a couple of years, I should succeed with some at least. Seeds ordered: Poppy Lilac Pompom, Burning Bush, Dimorphotheca White, Cornflower Blue.

On the veg/fruit front the chilli season has already begun. The four plants I sowed on the 23 November are looking happy:
Two Serrano (Capsicum Annum) plants & two Congo Black (Capsicum Chinense) plants. Aged 7 weeks.

And I sowed another 8 seeds yesterday (4 Hot Paper Lanterns and 4 Bih Jolokias). This time I sowed them onto kitchen paper in freezer bags because the Bhut Jolokias (similar growing instructions) I sowed in November never appeared.

I've also got a box of button mushrooms growing in one of the bathrooms. Very exciting.

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