Monday, 14 May 2012

Holidays & gardening

...aren't particularly compatible.

I hate leaving my flowerbeds, kitchen garden and greenhouse at this time of year. Not only do I miss out on the wonder of seeing the garden change by the day, but everything's so tiny and fragile, the slightest drought/drench/heatwave/chill can really mess with my plans.

Luckily though everything survived, thanks to a few milder days and a very helpful friend.

The south-facing flowerbed was completely transformed into a vibrant jungle of tulips & perennials.

Lots of colour! Note the lime & calmondin trees out for a much-
needed dose of sunshine after almost two weeks of shady living.
Growth in the kitchen garden wasn't quite as overwhelming, probably due to the warm, dry weather. But it was all in need of a jolly good drink!

My lettuce babies have survived the slugs, but are looking a little parched!
The peas are looking nice and solid.
The yellow onions are doing really well... as are the weeds! Can you spot any
carrots in there??! Carrot fly has been a major problem, so this year I've planted
onions AND marigolds around them.
Potatoes! :D But still no sign of life in the asparagus bed.
I thought they would show first...?
There was a problem with the watering system in the greenhouse, but thanks to our friend Johan's determination (and stupidity - he stuck the v. v. grimy hose in his mouth to get the flow going again... bläääää!) it's all looking fabulous.

Beautiful blue (?) parrot tulips living in harmony with Jalastar capsicum annums.
It's time to plant the toms into the ground, but there's too much
going on, so they'll have to wait just a little longer.
First harvest! :D
Chicken salad (with shop-bought toms, of course).


  1. Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
    På dit første billede kan jeg se, at du har en smuk have.Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en god dag.

  2. Hej! My Danish isn't too clever, but I think you said I have a lovely garden? If so, thank you very much! And thanks for stopping by. :D Have a nice day yourself! :) Laura

  3. What a beautiful spring garden. Your tulips are lovely.

    I love your greenhouse. Is the picture that seems to have white tulips on the inside or outside of the greenhouse?

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you!! :D *so proud* The picture I think you mean (with the baby lettuces and spinach) is inside the greenhouse. I posted a few more pics of the entire greenhouse earlier this year if you're curious. Thanks for stopping by! Laura

  4. I have decided that this year I will not be gone overnight at least until late Oct, if then. At the moment watering is taking all my time!

    1. Hi Mary! I was away for 10 days!! :/ Must admit to having had a little trouble sleeping some nights worrying about the garden :) Where do you live? Your kitchen garden is waaaay ahead of mine, but then the season is very short here in Sweden. Thanks for stopping by! Laura