Tuesday, 2 November 2010

If I'm really lucky....

...some of them might survive.

Now I know I said I was sick of wild boar blog entries, but this is a little more uplifting...

This is what my winter veg raised bed looked like this morning (please excuse the shaky photos, it's really windy and raining hard):

And I'm really proud with myself, instead of getting all emotional (like I usually do...) I got my rain kit and wellies on and got to work trying to salvage what I could.

I got ABSOLUTELY drenched. I mean really really soaked to the skin.

But look what I achieved. It was definitely worth it! :)

And because the little blighters had shredded my poly tunnel...

I had to be creative and I found this fleece sheeting from last year in the potting shed :D

My little winter babies might just survive... :)

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