Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I haven't managed to succeed with any onions yet, despite having attempted a variety of different sorts. I tried spring onions in 2009 which delivered nothing more than really thin grass.

I then tried red onions in 2010 which I bought as onion sets from a garden centre and most of them bolted and gave me ping pong ball sized onions, only slightly bigger than the set onions themselves...

I also tried cultivating leeks from seed in 2010 but without success and instead bought a tray of seedlings from the garden centre (most of these are still in the ground slightly bigger than spring onions).

So, this year I am determined to succeed.

Apache red salad onions, which should look like this:

Apache salad onion

Top: White Lisbon spring onions (below)     Bottom: Herbstriesen 2 leeks (far below)
White Lisbon spring onion
Herbstriesen 2 leek
Fingers crossed...

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