Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Books books books :)

I've just ordered a stack of books:
Growing Tomatoes (top), Vegetable Growing (left) and The Easily Maintained Kitchen Garden (right)

And have an order pending for this one, which will be sent to me as soon as the new edition is available:
The Kichen Garden Handbook

I made a new gardening friend this week, you see, who has an amazing library full of kitchen garden books. Despite them being fairly new, she was kind enough to lend me a pile so I could decide which ones I wanted to buy. All of them of course... :D


  1. Hi!

    Lovely to find new friends sharing the same interests! And nice to find your blog!

    Se ya!

  2. Hej Stina! Tack att du tittade förbi :) Du har en underbar blog - din trädgård är såå vacker och jag önskar jag var så duktig som du är på blanda in gamla saker och få dem att se så snygga ut! Jag blev riktigt inspirerade! /Laura