Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Who's digging holes in my raised beds?

I've been so pleased with my kitchen garden this year. Not only is it looking productive, neat & tidy and relatively weed-free (apart from the ones I'm allowing to grow, such as borage and poppies), but I'm also hoping it's going to be really pretty this year!

Pretty fruits & herbs bed

However. Someone has been messing with me. A few days ago, having skipped joyfully down to admire my artwork, I was devastated to find lots of little mouse-sized potholes all over the peas & flowers bed! :'( They'd even dug up several nasturtiums, I think they'd been having a munch on the roots.

Mouse-sized holes
A repaired and watered nasturtium not looking to bright

My newly planted broccoli plants were completely annihilated.


I didn't take any photos of the pothole damage because I just got started repairing it all straight away.

Peas & flowers bed now after repairs

I think I managed to salvage most of it, but it's spoilt the joyful anticipation I feel every time I trot down to the kitchen garden. >(

I have spotted several field mice hopping and skipping about down there among me veg, but we also have a LOT of birds, living in the woods as we do. In particular a noisy, but beautiful, male pheasant that struts around the garden almost every day, as well as lots and lots of pigeons.

So who is it?!

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