Monday, 11 June 2012

Flower arranging

Flowers have finally started sprouting up all over the place, which not only means the garden's looking a little prettier, but it also means I now have a huge (free) resource for designing little bouquets for every room in the house.

Being not too clever at this, I recently invested in a book on flower arranging.

Here are some of my first (feeble) attempts:

His bathroom.

My bathroom.

Very patriotic in the entrance hallway.

Dining table.

Living room. Okay, so I cheated - I didn't grow these. I usually have
lillies in this vase, but they always try to droop to the sides - brilliant tip
from my new book: use a grid of sticky tape! So simple!

Living room (I didn't grow these either). Same here with the tape.

My first attempt at flower arranging. With an oasis. The rhododendron is actually cerise,
which doesn't come across in the picture - very striking against the black granite patio table.

So elegant in its simplicity.
These little arrangements have really cheered the place up. So my advice to you is: pick a few flowers and bring them indoors. You really won't miss them from your flowerbeds and they do make such a difference to your home!

Happy flower arranging!


  1. Åh, vilka fina buketter! Jag gillar i synnerhet den i badrummet!!!


  2. It all looks very lovely, Linda. I really like the the pink dahlia and ox-eye daisies in your bathroom and the dining table arrangement is very pretty too! Simple is best!

    1. Thanks Caro! I agree, like the single dahlia - so effective. Interesting post on cauliflower, I haven't grown it yet. The only brassica I've (attempted) to grow(n) is broccoli. And have only successfully harvested a few heads (for a number of reasons, mostly Swedish weather). I've just re-spaced and replanted this year's attempt - a tray of broccoli seedlings from a local nursery, which I'm protecting this year with copper impregnated collars, hopefully deterring cabbage fly and slugs. If I succeed with them this year, I'll have a go at cauli next year :)