Thursday, 14 April 2011

Chilli flowers and peppers

I've finally got round to taking some photos of this year's chillies (taken today), most of which have flowers and some of which are already full of peppers!

The beautiful Aji Colorado flower.

The Aurora peppers are changing colour - they all started off purple.

The Bih Jolokia has been slow to develop flowers, but there are a few
forming now.

The Caribbean Red Hot hasn't developed any flowers yet.

Bearing in mind how huge the Congo Black Habanero plant is, and the enormous
size of its leaves, the flowers and peppers are TINY!!

No flowers on the Faatali yet either, but that's probably due
to the little pot it's in - I haven't got room for a bigger one.

The Hot Paper Lantern is chocka full of flowers and already has
a few tiny peppers developing.

Purple Tiger's beautiful flowers and leaves. Very decorative.

The two Ring of Fire plants (which were free replacement seeds) are
also really early, with lots of dainty little pointed peppers.

My hairy superfreak Serrano plants are definitely way ahead of all the others
- masses of flowers and peppers already!

The Spanish Pepper plants (two) have really snow white flowers

I call these ones my Thai Chillies, because the taste a bit Thai-ish, but they
came from a seed chain I joined last year and the packet said '1 cm' chillies.

My only remaining Trinidad Scorpion - nice big healthy leaves, but
no sign of flowers yet.

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  1. Åh, vilka fina blommor "Purle Tiger" har. Var hittade du frön till den och hur ser frukterna ut?