Friday, 27 May 2011

First two tomatoes!

Went down to the greenhouse full of anticipation this morning. Yesterday one of the tomato flowers had started wilting... yay...

And when I got there, there were not one, but TWO wilted flowers. :D However, they were still attached :( Booo!

So, unable to wait... he he he... I gently tugged them off, only to reveal... two TINY TINY TINY cherry tomato babies. Here's a pickie of one of them and a few pics of the rest of the greenhouse.

Ok, so it's not exactly HUGE, but still...
May I proudly present... this year's first tomato!!

This one, which just said yellow cherry tomatoes on the packet,
has an incredible number of buds on each bunch.
Adorable bell flowers... and they're reaaally hairy too...

Greenhouse pickie. Toms on the left, chillies on the right.

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  1. Hi Laura

    You little greenhouse looks lovely. The little flowers will die and just drop off on their own, so do not worry.