Thursday, 21 June 2012

A few pretty pickies from the garden

The garden is getting everso very pretty now and even I find myself wandering around it with a smile on my face... :D

I'm not a huge fan of yellows and oranges, and I've been trying to slowly harmonize the colour scheme in the garden since we moved here almost four years ago. Looking at these pictures, it looks like I'm actually getting somewhere.

Beautiful Borage.

I didn't notice last year how the blue Borage flowers start off pink...
The newly-added white pebbles (thanks to my mother-in-law) made a huge aesthetic difference.

The fast-spreading Fairy rosebush is finally flowering. My first ever roses! :)

Lots of pinks and blues. Finally some order to the chaos.
There are still flowers on the Aquilegia and the Bleeding Heart! <3
I finally managed to get some very finickety Cape Marigolds to flower this year.

My Queen Elizabeth rose is surviving (actually this is my first ever rose, but the Fairy
beat her into flower), but has been attacked by all manner of nastiness. I'm really having to
pamper her every morning, squishing little munchers. I haven't the heart to rid her of all her
rusty leaves just yet, but I know I have to. I'm waiting for her to flower first...
Dark cerise Million Bells Calibrachoa Petunias in the tall urn under the birches. In contrast
to last year's regular Petunias, these ones are self-cleaning, saving me A LOT of time...

The wilderness corner by the expanse of rhododendron. I think that it
may actually have been a flowerbed at some point judging by the plants.
The tidy herbs and fruits bed still looking good despite the hare attacks.
Happy Midsummer everyone!


  1. How lovely to still have aquilegia and dicentra flowering! My sister has just given me half a dozen aquilegia plants but they have only seed heads so I'll have to wait until next year now. I chuckled at your description of the Wilderness Border - think I'll adopt that name for the next walled border that I have to tackle!
    PS be careful where you plant your borage unless you're prepared to pull out lots of seedlings next year; it self-seeds prolifically!

  2. Så fint! Härligt när allting blommar! Den lilla blå blomman är jättefin!