Sunday, 3 June 2012

Growth growth growth!!

Despite this recent cooler weather and the very chilly spell we experienced last week, everything still seems to be growing well.

The sweet peas (far left), De Grace mange tout (middle) and particularly
the Sugar Lord sugar snaps (right) are doing really well.

The row is gradually filling up with beautifully delicate (and so far only white) flowers,
the multicoloured sweet peas are still only green.
The broccoli has recovered well from its attack...
....which I think may have been by this baby orphan hare, who was in the kitchen garden
enclosure yesterday, and who I (unintentionally) scared the bejesus out of. He scrambled
about trying to get out, crashing into the plastic netting 3 times before finding the door.
:( Poor wee thing.

Looks like we'll be getting a better potato harvest this year.

I was much later with my courgettes this year, as the first batch didn't
germinate, but they seem to be doing well now.
While selecting photos for this blog entry I came across a picture of this
(carrot, yellow onion & marigold) raised bed from late April...
What a difference a month makes!!

Meanwhile in the greenhouse...

Plenty of flowers, and this year's first tomato on the Maskotka toms.

The Jalastar chillies are growing nicely.

I have decided to cheat with cucumbers in future, because I just find them too
much work, and they're fairly cheap to buy. This one has established itself well
and even has a few teeny tiny little cucumbers on it.
This grapevine was one of two already in the greenhouse when we moved here
(I managed to kill the other one), but has yet to produce any grapes worth eating.
Judging by the number of healthy-looking bunches, we might just see a decent
harvest this year :)

Phew, that was a long blog entry o.O Hope you all have a lovely June with lots and lots of fresh, home-grown yummies!



  1. Hi Laura everything looks so incredibly healthy are you Organic?

    1. Hi Dave. Thank you!! Yes I am... *so proud* :D I try and fertilize with nettle tea as often as possible and I produce my own compost, from a combination garden/household compost system, however our garden is so big that it doesn't go very far, so I still have to buy some compost and manure (when I can't persuade a neighbouring stables to give me some...).

  2. Hello Laura, I've just found your blog via David Ford of Dave's Allotment. I live and garden in NW London and write the Urban Veg Patch blog. I've just dipped a toe into your blog and enjoyed it so will definitely be adding you to my list of reading and looking forward to reading more. You've already given me one idea for my garden with your chicken wire pea netting - I was about to go out and tie string between my hazel poles! Caro x

  3. Oj, hur har du gjort för att redan ha kommit så långt med dina luktärter och sugar snaps?

    Fina bilder! Blir avis på chilisarna. Mina blommar endast än så länge.


    1. Jag började ganska tidigt med dem, inomhus. Har även använt root trainers, vilket kanske gav dem en bra start? Ja, jag är riktigt nöjd att jag började med några chilisar i januari, men har bara 2 bra plantor med frukt på nu, och en sjukling med frukt på i kvarantän och ett gäng små plantor som precis börjat blomma. Så kan det gå med odling :)