Monday, 11 February 2013

Seed chaos

I have spent the past 4-5 months hardly giving my vegetable garden/ cultivation/ greenhouse/ seeds, etc. a single thought. Why then was I - all of a sudden - unable to sleep last night. Seriously. I lay awake almost all night worrying about the state of my seed collection and how to fix it.

I even got up again and trawled the Internet for ideas on how to index & sort your seeds.


Luckily, I have a bad habit of collecting old plastic ice-cream containers and take-away packets, much to the annoyance of my husband, who often asks me what I intend to do with the 158 or so plastic containers (and lids) littering every cupboard and draw... Well, at last, I have an answer! :)

They are perfect seed containers!

I lined them with kitchen roll and, where needed, a piece of thin cardboard as a separator. And voila! Seed boxes!

Knowing full well that I am never going to keep them in alphabetical, or any other order for that matter, I have clumped them together into the following groups:

Tomatoes /separator/ Chillies
Herbs/ separator/ Lettuces & similar
Root veg & chard/ separator/ Beans & peas


Here's hoping I get some sleep tonight!

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  1. Du kommer att drömma söta drömmar om frön som gror och växer sig vackra :)