Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stuff in and from my garden

Having neglected the Internet over the summer, like most gardeners, it's high time I posted some photos of stuff I've grown this summer...


Hydrangeas on the terrace

Bleeding hearts and daisies. Picked these to make midsummer headwear for the girls.

Beautiful peonies, in a bouquet with the horribly persistent yet quite pretty weed, ground-elder.

My herb garden

Lettuces, rocket, carrots & leeks to the left. On the right is my asparagus bed and behind them both is the deer feeding tray :( i.e. they ate my beetroot, spinach and broccoli.

Aji Colorado. Hot hot hot.

One of the flowerbeds is chocka full of Blue Globe Thistles, which the bees and butterflies just LOVE.

My second year of these gorgeous Stargazer lilies.

Jamaican Bell, Cayenne Long Slim, Aji Colorado and Serrano.
This is what happens when you use too much manure and the raised beds aren't deep enough...

Funny looking Jamaican Bell Peppers.

And funny looking potatoes...

Jamaican Bell, Serrano, Hungarian Hot Wax, Cherry Chili, Jalapeno, Jamaican Bell, Aji Colorado, Jalapeno.

Purple Jalapeno.

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