Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Great workout!

This time of year is not all about seeds and grow lights. For us, it is also lumberjack season. So far we've felled a huge oak, a mid-sized oak, a large aspen and a few small birches.

And it's one thing chopping them down, but then you have to process them...

Oak up

Oak down

I pulled all the branches away from the trunk as the hubby sawed them off
so he didn't stumble over them and to make it easier to get to the next bit.

All this has to be dragged away and piled up onto the bonfire.
Oak is HEAVY and awkward to carry!!

Slowly getting there.

The large aspen in the woods on the other side of the lawn.

Even with a log splitter, work is slow and heavy going.
And really tough on your back.

This lot is 100% oak. We have started storing the various wood varieties
separately due to different storage times. Oak takes 3-5 years!!

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