Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Here we go again...

Having spent most of the winter sulking about the relatively rubbish vegetable summer we've just had, I pretty much decided to have a lazy 2013. And because the greenhouse seems to be infested with blight (or some other nasty stuff that eats plants) I decided to skip chillies and tomatoes this year.

However. Along comes January & February and all the magazines are going on and on about all the wonderful different varieties, and friends are boasting about their lovely little green babies flourishing under fluorescent lights in the basement...

Oh bugger it.

So I dug out last year's chilli seeds and sowed a few of them (Jalastar, Trinidad Scorpion
& Aji Colorado) until I'd bought some fresh seeds, just to combat the cravings. I then drove
as fast as I could to the local garden centre and bought Lombardo, Espelette & Hot Lemon seeds.
 As if that weren't enough, I got sucked into the world of online seed catalogues.

Package arrived from The Chili Pepper Company today

So. I've gone from "absolutely no chillies this year" to ... ummm...

Jalastar, Trinidad Scorpion, Aji Colorado, Lombardo, Espelette, Hot Lemon, Early Jalapeno, Padron, Purple Serrano and NuMex Bailey Piquin.



Welcome back by the way. Sorry I've been hibernating.



  1. Glad to see you're back writing again. I wondered whether you'd given up but kept you in my sidebar just in case! We all succumb despite best intentions. I frequently grumble about how the garden takes up all my spare time but a wise friend reminds me that I actually do love it!

    1. Thanks Caro! :) It seems to be much easier to write at this time of year, when there is so much hope and excitement for the coming season. I was on the brink of giving up, but decided to keep going (even if sporadically) as it's a really good reference source for myself! :)