Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I will succeed this year!!

Last year was a bit of a wash out, as you may have noticed from the lack of boastful entries, but that wasn't really my fault. We suffered a long, harsh winter, followed by a baking hot May, rounded off with a short, wet summer. Not the best growing conditions for a kitchen garden.

I cannot blame my failures entirely on the weather, however. I guess I could have done better, I didn't give my veg the love and attention they deserved, but gardening is supposed be a pleasure, not a burden. 

This year, though, I am determined to succeed in areas I failed miserably in 2011. 

Firstly, we (read: chainsaw-weilding husband) have chopped down 11 (!!) birch trees that were not only shading the vegetables, but dumping all manner of bleugh on them. Secondly, I am directing all my energy into growing stuff this year, instead of building. Last year I extended the kitchen garden with 5 new raised beds, more gravel and erected a deer fence; and turned the old veg patch into lawn. Plus we had major wild boar damage last winter, which we've been spared repairing this year.

Any finally, I'm not taking any chances this year. I'm giving all of my 2012 veg the best possible start. This includes my peas & beans. I've just sowed some mange tout, in toilet rolls :) because I've read that's what everyone else does...

Peas getting a sweeter start this year

I've also set up a nice little spot for them. No panic-supports this year! They're getting a proper, sturdy pea-wall!

Place for ma peas
I'm also going to try and train some sweet peas up the sides. It's going to pretty this year too!!

Fingers crossed...

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