Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Looking back... wasn't all that bad actually.

Funny isn't it how we gardeners perceive things to have been so much worse than they really were...

Here are some pictures I found of 2011's successes.

A selection of chillies for my mum: Trinidad Scorpion, Fatalii, Congo Black,
Aurora, Purple Tiger, Hot Paper Lantern, Cayenne, Aji & Bih Jolokia - hot stuff!!
Aji Colorado chillies - our favourite.
Parador courgettes - seeds from Annett Crane
One of my few potato harvests
Sunflower from a forgotten birdseed
The butterflies LOVE the globe thistles
These were thinnings, and one of my only harvests
as the rest were attacked by carrot fly :'( wasn't as bad as I remember...
Big funky heavy tomatoes - unknown sort
Trinidad Scorpion - one of my few mega successes.
Can't remember the name of these, but they were delicious!
Fatalii, another satisfactory result.
Blauhilde beans - seeds from Annett Crane
Don't know if you could call this a success exactly. Harvest-wise it produced
millions of these little cucumbers, but they were :P Sour and watery.
I always have my Stargazer lilies to cheer me up. Planted these
in the greenhouse in spring 2009 and they come back just as strong
& beautiful every year.

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  1. Vad härligt det ser ut! Kul att vi är fler som gillar Aji Colorado. Andra liknande sorter är Aji Cristal och Aji from vina del Mar. Annars rekomenderar jag Pimenta Barra do Robeiro - vacker som få och underbart god!

    Lycka till med 2012 års odling!