Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring clean - lots of bonfires & nice white(green)house

What a magical spring weekend!

Having spent three whole days building and burning bonfires, trudging around with barrowloads of branches, sticks, twigs and half-rotten logs, getting torn to shreds by brambles, being singed by all the embers and on top of that feeling like a bit of kipper with all the smoke, we're finally rid of almost all the ugly piles of wood and left-overs after this winter's tree felling. Hooray! Just one left (out of seven), which we're saving for Easter.

We started up this one at 3pm on Friday afternoon, and it's still warm...
on Sunday evening!

We sat guard over it until about 9 o'clock and were forced
indoors when the temp dropped to 2oC... Brrrr

Luckily the others weren't as intense, this one was over
in just a few hours.
Looking delightful :O in my bonfire kit...
Sunday afternoon, and the hubby wiped this one out all
by himself... while just a few meters away I... on with a job I've been dreading.
But what a satisfying job, it really was a very green house!
Now all the tough jobs are over, I've got lots of wonderful 'easy' gardening to look forward to.


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