Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Crazy cover-up

I didn't actually want to advertise this mess, but I really feel I must share this with you - my spooky mad make-shift plant protection!!

After last year's pea/bean/mange tout epic fail the game was on to do it right this year. So. I erected a sturdy bean wall:

Grew plenty of seedlings indoors:

Started planting them out when it was nice and warm...

...and then the Swedish 'aprilväder' kicked in...

hard frosts...
howling winds...

...and pouring rain.
I just couldn't bear the thought of all those tender little green twigs being battered about by the cruel Swedish spring weather. Nor could I be bothered to rush about twice a day covering up each individual little seedling. So this is what they ended up with. A spooky wonky tent-like creation. o.O

But they do seem to be happy with their new home.

Warm, dry and calm = happy plants.

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