Friday, 13 April 2012

A very different spring greenhouse

I'm usually busy preparing the greenhouse for tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers at this time of year; scrubbing the walls, switching out the old soil, laying the watering system etc.

This year though things are a little different.

As I've mentioned before, I made the most of a mild autumn/winter and bought loads of cheap tulip bulbs that were on sale, some of which I planted in the greenhouse. Just for fun. :)

I even planted some funky-ish patterns...

And while waiting for them to flower, I also chucked a few salad seeds about for some early harvests.

'Funky' tulip pattern, with lots of rocket in the foreground

Spinach/lettuce/tulip checkerboard

Spinach (for use as 'baby' in salads)

Mixed cut 'n' come again lettuce

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